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Ryan Reynolds used many methods and overcame a lot of production obstacles to get the 2016 movie Deadpool made. The actor/producer formed a connection with the comic book character when he first read one of the comics in 2005. Ryan has met many obstacles that have stopped the advancement in the production of the film such as, previous multi-million dollar movie flops and 20th Century Fox green lighting the project. After all that he had gone through Ryan overcame what was stopping him and his methods can be something we all learn from to help us get past our setbacks and problems.

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The deadpool character was Ryan’s first experience with reading comic books. With him growing up in a small town in British Columbia, Canada he did have any interest in them growing up (Rottenberg 2016). With this being Ryan’s first comic book experience it really stuck with him and he decided he wanted to make deadpool into its own movie. This would be where the ten plus years of hard work would eventually lead to the box office hit final product, but not without all of his hard work to keep the project moving forward. The first chance Ryan had to play Deadpool was in the 2009 movie X-Men Origins:Wolverine. Even though it wasn’t the type character he wanted Deadpool to be Ryan stated, “either play Deadpool in this iteration or someone else will.” (Rottenberg 2016). This is where Ryan had to bite the bullet for the chance to achieve what he’s been striving for since 2005. This role gave him the chance to become the Deadpool character because of the script the this movie was so far from the canon story line he had to make up his own dialogue for what he thought Deadpool would say. This was one method of overcoming an obstacle and getting closer to playing his version of Deadpool. What we can learn from this is that even if you feel a project isn’t worth your time or you don’t like how the outcome will be you can benefit just from the experience alone.

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Ryan had gotten to the point in preproduction where he had a script ready and he knew he want the film to be rated R as Ryan says, “have the ability to really stretch our legs and explore this character in a different way than most of these superhero tent-pole movies explore it.”(Rottenberg 2016). 20th Century Fox didn’t believe that there was a big enough fan base for Deadpool for the movie to be a success so it stayed in “Production Limbo”. Finally Ryan and his team were given a small budget that was meant for them to make a small short of what the movie universe was going to be like and this was never meant to be shown to anyone just stay in house. After the short was made 20th Century Fox still believed it was too risky to make the movie especially with it being rated R because this would mean it would have a generally smaller audience that would go out to see the movie. The short sat around and nothing ever became of the film until someone leaked it onto the internet. Ryan says,

I know that one of us did it. Like, there’s four of us: There’s me, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Tim Miller, the director. One of us did it. We all said at the beginning that someone should leak it, so the idea was planted, but I’m 70 percent sure it wasn’t me.

(Nadkarni 2016).
The short film did so well that it spread across the internet with millions of people begging for a Deadpool film. This now shows that Deadpool will be profitable and is wanted by millions of people willing to pay to see it, so 20th Century Fox green lite the production and Deadpool was on its way. Ryan trusted that this film was going to be great and to convince 20th Century he did something out of the norm and trusted that it would help get the project made, whether he leaked it or one of the other 3 people he still had the idea to do it. This was an illegal thing to do, but what we can learn from this is to think outside of the box when it comes to hitting a dead end. He ad told the studios this film would make money and they didn’t trust him, so he was able to come up with an idea that would make millions of people tell the studio this would make money and it worked.

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Ryan felt that waiting ten years to make the film only helped it become a better film. If he was given the go ahead back in 2005 it wouldn’t have been the film that broke the box office instead, it maybe would have been a flop considering it being a rated R movie. During the journey of him trying to make this film he was able to fine tune every aspect of the movie and go in absolutely ready to go. Ryan states, “To me at least, it felt like a real luxury knowing exactly what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it” (Rottenberg 2016). It was because of this very problem that the 2011 movie Green Lantern flopped. Going into the movie when casting there was no script yet so no characters were grounded and ready by the time production had started (Rottenberg 2016). This is something that Ryan took and learned from when making Deadpool that helped make it the hit it is today. Anyone can use this method and learn patience in what they are doing. Sometimes waiting to make something great is better than making something terrible really quick.
Ryan Reynolds overcame great obstacles to create his passion project and his hardest most frustrating part of this was how much time it took to create it, but in the end it was how much time it took to make it that made it so good. He was given the chances to learn from mistakes from other projects and apply them to Deadpool. Along with persevering the length of the project he learned to think outside the box to solve problems when he was about to give up and learned to use experience as a useful tool despite his thoughts on a project.

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