Playing James Bond Ruins Your Career?

Conner Schwerdtfeger wrote an article on that brought up the topic that once an actor plays the role of James Bond in a canon film franchise, his acting career only goes downhill according to data from IMDB. ( has a post with those stats) They state that with the exception of the first James Bond, Sean Connery, all the actors who have portrayed this character have had a decrease in activity once the movie is done. Daniel Craig played James Bond and has only had one major acting job since 2012. They wrap up the article by stating that maybe the best thing to hope for is that your favorite actor doesn’t get the role of 007 because this will lead to a drop in their career, instead maybe hope that they pick someone who hasn’t done any major industry breaking roles and instead would kick start their acting career.

I think this has a direct link to affecting the whole motion picture industry. There is data that shows an actor’s career will fall after taking on such a prestigious role. On one side some may be excited about playing 007, but on the other side they will probably not have any major roles afterwards. The way I see this affecting the industry is, what if they can’t find anyone they want for the role because no good actor will take it. That could easily derail any plans of production for any of the 007 films to come.

On the same topic word had spread around the internet that Idris Elba was going to play James Bond in an upcoming role, but he stated on good morning America, “It’s the wildest rumor in the world”, and there hadn’t been any “talks with me and studios about any of that.” Somehow this rumor had spread like wild fire and he didn’t know anything about it. This news eventually reached James Bond author, Anthony Horowitz, and he stated that Elba was too “Street” to play bond.

Many people had many different reactions to Elba either playing or not playing the role,  I personally think he could have done a great job and is a fantastic actor. I don’t think I’ve found a role in a movie I didn’t like that he played. What do you think? leave a comment below! Who might be the one to star in the 24th james bond movie?

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